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Hello World! This is my first blog in WordPress. What do I want to say today? And what’s going on in Fiona’s world? Well, several things. Healthcare, the health insurance industry and whether people have a fundamental right to health or not. This has been the public issue that’s been sucking my attention. Should I get into the details of what my thoughts are on the subject? Yes! Tonight, I will be attending a talk entitled “Future of Health: A Quest for Better Health” given by T.R. Reid, at Town Hall in Seattle. To read more about T.R. Reid go to the Colorado Statesman. More on that later, after I have attended the meeting.

But what did I see downtown today that really disturbed me? I saw pictures of Obama with Hitler-like mustaches drawn on his face on posters held by young people on a street-corner. One sign even read something like “Obama needs parental oversight.” Strangely, this came after the conclusion that I had drawn earlier on the bus today, that Dick Cheney is the modern-day Hitler. Somewhere there’s a disconnect. Why is Obama being compared to Hitler? Is it because universal health is socialist and somehow that has something to do with Hitler? I just don’t see the connection. But if you search on the internet, there is plenty out there making the connection…most just say that both Hitler and Obama were good orators. There are some very lame and attenuated lines drawn. I am not an Obama neophyte, I’m just saying dig deeper people. I don’t think you can successfully compare Obama to Hitler and expect to find meaningful similarities.

Anyway, my point is, isn’t Dick Cheney more like a modern-day Hitler? Let’s see, we went to war with Muslims (or Muslim countries) based on this farce that there were WMD’s and somehow Saddam was involved or in cohorts with Osama Bin Laden, which hasn’t been proven, by the way. That’s genocide, if we try to wipe out a group of people. Now, this wasn’t outright wiping out of a group. But if you tear down a leader and then pretend to re-build the country he lead, but instead make masses of money that goes to private companies, meanwhile ripping off the people of Iraq and the people of your own country, namely every single taxpayer in America, in order to “fight terror”, isn’t that what a modern-day Hitler would do? And if ordinary Iraqi’s are left with nothing – almost no infrastructure, apparently they still don’t have reliable electricity in major cities, food, jobs, and money is a problem, add to that that they’re occupied by a foreign force, and violence is an everyday occurrence. Well, I’d like to know what is happening to the population of Iraq overall? Show me the numbers? And, by the way, I’d be pissed off it was me. If I was an Iraqi, with no electricity, no running water, little or no food, and my family was broke, I’d be looking for creative ways to solve my problems.

It’s not really clear which is worse, having a megalomaniac running the country (Saddam) or having American privateers ripping it off (ok, so there aren’t ships involved but you get my drift).

During his time, Hitler amassed a huge fortune that was made up of all sorts of things, one of which was art. He stole this art with an eye to creating a museum for himself. Hitler saw himself as a world leader – not just a leader of Germany. Isn’t Cheney similar? Hasn’t America become untouchable in some regards? Hasn’t America become this big secretive place…who knows what’s in the Patriot Act again? Not normal everyday U.S. citizens…no, that’s top secret. We don’t really know who knows what’s in the Patriot Act…Has anyone actually read it? Then there’s all this secret torture, well, it was a secret for a long time. Now, it’s not a secret anymore but little details keep coming out. On a recent Democracy Now program, I heard that Psychologists had been experimenting with prisoners in the waterboarding technique. The latest installment is that they diapered the prisoners. Yep, they fed them a liquid only diet, then put them in diapers…this was supposed to humiliate the prisoners. Then they waterboarded them. Hmm. Can shock accurately describe how it feels to know that I am a citizen of a country where an elected leader thinks that this is the righteous behavior of people protecting my freedom? Can I suggest my humiliation at being associated and classified in the same way, in any way, with someone who thinks that this is “ok”? No, not in my name was the first thought that came to mind. Don’t you dare protect my freedom by subjecting another to that sort of debased treatment. I would rather risk death by a terrorist than support this kind of treatment of any human. What kind of person comes up with this ‘diapering’ idea anyway? My whole point about this is that it hearkens back to the experimentation that Hitler did. The Horror of what our country is responsible for has only begun to be revealed, in my opinion.

Ok. Have to run to Town Hall – or dinner at least first. More later.

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