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The Morning After T.R. Reid

September 9, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

What can I say? T.R. Reid is impressive. His talk was succinct. And, I almost purchased his book: “The Healing of America”, which I recommend to anyone who thinks they know what they’re talking about when they say other countries having socialized medicine and that’s not what this country wants. One resounding point Tom makes is that we already have socialized medicine in America –  What is Medicare? And his point about that is, yes, it’s expensive and it’s underwater but what do you expect when you cover only the elderly – i.e., the most expensive demographic to cover? To manage a healthcare system properly, you need ONE healthcare system and in America we have multiple systems that do not work together. This creates inefficiencies and duplications and becomes extremely expensive.If we had everyone in Medicare, then all of the healthy people who don’t see the doctor, would be covering the sick people who do…makes sense a social security kind of way – wait, isn’t that another socialist system we have in place? This country is crawling with socialism…

All cynicism aside, if we moved to one system, it would be better than our system which isn’t really a system at all. For a system to work, it has to cover everyone, which clearly our doesn’t. For example, in Sweden, if a person loses their job, they keep their health insurance. The government picks up the cost that was previously paid by the company. Then, if the unemployed worker is unable to meet their costs, the government picks that up too. Their idea is that when a person becomes unemployed, isn’t that when they need healthcare the most? Hello? Why is Kucinich’s “Wake Up, America, Wake Up” resounding in my head.

T.R. Reid’s main point is that first, this country needs to decide if we’re going to cover everyone in this country. It’s relaly a moral question and he can’t understand why it’s been so hard for us to make? Why wouldn’t a country want a healthy population, doesn’t that make for a more productive population, and doesn’t more production mean more wealth is created. I mean, if more people are healthy, aren’t there more people working? And, if more people are working doesn’t that create more wealth? Seems like pretty simple math to me.

Sadly, it comes down to morality, and as we know in America, despite the supposed “Christian” majority, we are kind of lacking in good morality. I’d love to see a good Christian get up on the pulpit and say something like: “God created all men (and women) equal, wouldn’t God want universal healthcare for all humans?” Just typing it makes me laugh.

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