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Sahib’s Split Pea & Roasted Parsnip Soup

September 14, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was inspired by the movie Julie & Julia, but realistically I know that I cannot cook every night. And, I don’t have a cookbook that has over 300 vegan recipes in it, not that I would mind repeating recipes, but I want to try to keep it simple. So once a week should work and it gives me the option to look at different recipe books. I should post the recipes too. Though that might be getting a little too excited, sorry.

This recipe is on p.39 of the Vegan Fusion World Cuisine cookbook, by Mark Reinfeld and Bo Renaldi. So far, it’s taken me almost an hour to make. But I must admit I am a bit rusty. My daughter will be frowning when I say that I substituted some of the ingredients. She thinks I should always cook something exactly to the recipe before I start ‘experimenting’. Oh, well.

Here are my substitutions and commentary on such: I couldn’t find parsnips at PCC, it’s only September and I don’t think parsnips are out yet. That is why I chose 1 sweet potato and 1 yam to put in instead. Yum. Ok, and also, what is Liquid Smoke? Well, it’s optional, so I left that out. Here’s something I didn’t know: Shoyu is a form of soy sauce…I did buy that ingredient specially. Also, I don’t have red pepper flakes, so I substituted cayenne pepper, which I have plenty of. I used frozen parsley from Trader Joe’s instead of fresh Italian parsley, because my parsley died and I didn’t want to buy a bunch just for this recipe. I guess that would have been one of the benefits of cooking every night  – I could have chosen a recipe for tomorrow night and maybe the following night that requires fresh parsley, then it would have been a non-issue.

Well, after tasting and eating this soup for dinner, here’s what I have say – a wee bit salty. I admit I’ve cooked this recipe, with variations before and never used the shoyu, so that must have added a bit too much of the salty flavor. Anyway, I added some extra water. So now it is good. The other thing is…it was a bit overcooked. Very hard to get all of these ingredients al dente. But I am willing to try again. Now, I have enough of this soup to last for at least 4 meals…hmmm. Some of it will have to be frozen.

ADDENDUM: Today, Sept 15, I decided it might be better to blend the ingredients since the veggies were so soft anyway. Yum! It was so much better. I froze about 5 containers and had some for lunch today. Success!

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