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Susan Hutchison v. Dow Constantine

October 12, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I love it. I run a google search for Susan Hutchison to get some background information and the first website that pops up is a Seattlepi.com article with a picture of Dow.

I went to the Seattle Aquarium with my SO tonight to hear the debate between these two, who are running for the office of King County Executive. Sorry, this is a Seattle-centric blog entry for any non-Seattlites reading this. Anyway, I had pretty much made up my mind since I’ve met Dow a couple of times and been to a few fundraisers that were for Mike McGinn (Seattle Mayoral candidate) where Dow was too.  My impression of Dow up until tonight…a laid-back kind of guy…probably a hippie in another era…but smart and confident. After tonight, I realized that he’s an attorney. Yay! It was obvious in the way he posed his two questions to Susan. Just laid out the facts and then asked her the questions.

I’d been kind of turned off by Susan anyway because I’m pro choice and she ain’t! That just doesn’t make sense in this world and at this time in our history. So she’s already behind the 8-ball in my mind. Woman, wake up! And my impression tonight didn’t change my initial opinion. She was very smooth…too smooth. Her outfit looked like it came from a shop at the Bravern – a place where ‘ordinary folk’  just can’t afford to make a purchase. And, her hair was just purrrfect – perfectly colored and blowed-dried into place. Buy hey! She was a TV broadcaster for 20 years…I’m sorry lady, that just isn’t Seattle…we’re a little more fringey than that. I’m afraid that she just doesn’t connect with ‘the people’. And, strangely, she kept asking Dow these questions where she inferred he was the incumbent…sorry – um he’s in Washington DC right now. That was Ron Sims. Didn’t I just mention that she was a broadcaster. I guess that’s different from an investigative reporter because she sure didn’t do much investigation into what Dow has done.

And, I admit, I’ve been hard on her here. She might be a nice woman. But she’s not the stuff our King County Executive should be made of.

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  1. Quid Pro Gnome
    October 28, 2009 at 19:41

    What is all this pro-choice non-sense? Dow’s campaign knows this is a non-partisan election, right? I mean does the guy even have a campaign besides spiting his opponent as some right-of-the-moon loon? Hutchison’s voting records, you say? Voted for General McKilly five times? Good to know, but uh, doesn’t one have the liberty to vote according to their community values, and not the values of pomo, suburban adolescents? No? But somehow a mere county election is a referendum on abortion and whatever other divisive issues lie within immediate convenience? This county sucks.

  2. Fiona
    November 5, 2009 at 09:44

    Yay! Dow won!

    • Quid Pro Gnome
      November 5, 2009 at 21:01

      You bought him, you pay for him!

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