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Some kind of personal statement

November 23, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I wanted to make some kind of personal statement – on this our week of Thanksgiving – when things are so wrong in so many ways. So much of what I write about is about the gaps we have that need to be fixed or filled. My own personal life reflects this image of gaps and holes, incompleteness and underlying sadness. What we are trying to do is look at the bright side, and what I mostly do is look at the bright side. I feel incredibly lucky to have been born in America when I did. I feel so lucky to have been born white (because we are still a racist country). Not so lucky to have been born female (because we are still a sexist country). But overall, I have been lucky in my life and that is what makes me happy. When I start to think about the rest of the world, and the holes in my life, that is when life sucks. So it is hard to celebrate Thanksgiving, knowing that there is no complete happiness, that in being grateful for what I have, I must acknowledge that I am missing things as well – and that so many do not have what I have – and I’m not talking about possessions here – so how to give thanks?

Recognition and compassion. We all suffer in some way. We all find happiness in some way. In this we are all alike, all connected…and I suppose in a strange way that is what I am thankful for; that I have made it this far, that others are making it and most people I know are trying to make things better…

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