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The Barossa Valley

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During my visit to Adelaide earlier this year, my daughter and I took a day-trip to the Barossa Valley. It was mid-winter, a freezing 61°F. Wait a second, that’s not even close to freezing. Yep, I wore a t-shirt most of the afternoon. That’s what they call winter in the B. Valley (as I like to call it). What we Seattle-ites wouldn’t give for a winter so mild.

We began our foray with a trip to Gawler. According to Wikipedia, it is the first country town in South Australia. Um, boring. We did stop at the office of tourism to pick up the guided tour: “Gawler’s Historic drive,” which showed some interesting architecture, including the Town Hall and mostly houses with histories.

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The bakeries in Gawler are supposed to be very good, but the one that was recommended to us, by the office of tourism, was just so-so.

St. Hallett’s winery in Tanunda, was AWESOME! We went there because it was recommended by Lonely Planet. Thank you so much Lonely Planet. It ended up being the best winery we visited. There, a young English woman helped us try several delicious, robust red wines. Yum. I bought two bottles hoping there would be a way to get them home. For anyone who is interested, my daughter said that the restroom was lovely 🙂 (N.B. I was told at U.S. Customs in Seattle that I was only allowed to bring 1 bottle into the country, but they allowed the 2 just this one time. Yay.)

Nosh, which is on the main road in Tanunda, was recommended to us for lunch, by the English woman at St. Hallet’s. The food was delicious, even if the wait-staff seemed very confused about which order went where—it’s one of those places where you order and pay at the counter, then they bring the food to you—They brought out my daughter’s meal a full 20 minutes before mine then confessed that her sandwich was actually meant for someone else and they had accidentally given it to my daughter instead of the other person. Oops.

We moved on to other small towns in the B. Valley via the scenic route, but it really wasn’t that scenic. If you’ve been to Napa Valley, Italy, or the south of France, the B. Valley just doesn’t compare…not in winter anyway.

Our last winery visit (ok, I admit, we only visited two—what can I say, I’m a lightweight) was at Bethany winery, which is historically interesting because it has been around for five generations, but their wine was a bit weird. Everything was unusual. One Riesling smelt like fish, I just couldn’t get the smell of fish out of my nostrils. Being a vegan, I don’t want to drink wine tasting of fish, even if most wines are strained through fish guts:

Isinglass is a substance obtained from the dried swim bladders of fish. It is a form of collagen used mainly for the clarification of wine and beer. (Thanks to Wikipedia for this definition).

One suggestion, if traveling to the Barossa Valley: maybe hit it in spring or summer, it might be more appealing in that light.

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  1. jyoti
    October 19, 2011 at 15:30

    Loved your blog and found it interesting, both your experiences in the Barossa Valley
    (I’m glad you got to take your two wine bottles home) and the photos of houses which seem
    to have their own particular style, different from other parts of Australia.
    I look forward to hearing more about your time in Adelaide and other parts of Australia.
    I love the way your write, Jyoti/Mum

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