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Las Vegan Bakery – Yum!

November 3, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Earlier this year, when I was visiting family in Australia, I discovered this wonderful little bakery in Melbourne—Collingwood to be exact. Actually, I’d driven past it several times not quite getting there before it closed, so I was happy to finally make it. Thank you iPhone and my daughter for teaching me to take photos of signs, such as those with opening hours on them.

I took my mom there right after picking her up from the Tullamarine airport, where, by the way, it cost me $20 for 2hrs of parking (WTF!). Um, Melbourne, it costs me $3-4 an hour to park at the Seattle airport.

Anyway, Las Vegan Bakery is located at 22 Smith St., Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia.

Wow. Was it amazing! One of the owners, Lia, treated us to her personal service and explained the breakfast options, which we were fairly interested in even though it was already 11am. We decided on the fresh and home made rosemary sourdough bread topped with tofu scramble, tempeh bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes. And, we shared the sour cherry and agave pancakes. Yummy. The tempeh bacon, which they flavor themselves, was absolutely delicious and the most reminiscent of anything like bacon that I’ve had in the 3 years since I became a vegan. Oh, and let me not forget the bottomless cup of chai that we both ordered, though we were completely unable to drink more than one cup each due to the massive size of our breakfasts. We absolutely loved the one cup we had. And, just because we loved the place so much, I took home a slice of their jaffa chocolate baci cake, which was very good.

See a photo here of jaffa chocolate baci cake:

(Apologies for the blurriness of the photo.)

Anyway, my mom decided then and there that this place was so amazing (and she is not a vegan), that she would make a special trip back to Collingwood, just to eat at the bakery. This place deserves applause, as one of the only completely vegan places to eat in Melbourne! Please try it, even if you are not vegan. You are going to love it if you let yourself experiment just a bit, with flavor and substance!

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  1. jyoti
    November 4, 2011 at 19:37

    Yum…I remember how delicious this place was and next time I’m in Melbourne, I’ll be sure
    and visit it hopefully on several occasions. Thank you for whetting my appetite! It was a
    great experience we shared, and sorry you had to pay so much at the airport, but I did very
    much appreciate being met after my long flight!

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