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My cousin, the artist

October 22, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

I wanted to quickly give my cousin, Nicola Taylor, the artist, a plug because I think the work she is doing is really fabulous. And, when I saw this brief article about her, it made me think that we could all use some free advertisement now and again. So I should write something.

Nicola has always been an artist, at least that I can remember. Ever since she was little, my grandmother used to show me her pictures and hold them up, even if she didn’t always approve of the pictures themselves—I think she had a problem with some feature of the lady on the beach house that Nicola had painted. Maybe something about the belly button 🙂 I can’t really remember. The point is, she saw art being made there, and she talked about it. I saw it too, and remember being jealous of Nicola’s ability to imagine something and then to make it real on paper.

Anyway, Nicola has talent, that’s clear. Taking the time to develop that talent and then exposing herself by putting her artwork out there, in the public realm: that’s ballsy. Personally, I love what she’s doing with color, with feminism–at least that’s how I see it. There’s been this whole movement towards showing women without bodies, or parts missing and I see that in some of Nicola’s artwork. Her intent may not be what I am reading into her artwork, but that’s ok. I see it as women being more than just parts. It’s talked about in the media but it still happens: women are objectified for their parts…legs, lips, hair, etc. When those parts are missing, or represented in new or different ways, that says something to me about perspective and how we must be very aware of how we look at women, we must try to see past the “parts”.

Nicola’s use of color and shape are interesting. They draw you in and make you want to understand what she is feeling when she’s painting, what is inspiring her. I would love to see her showing somewhere and look forward to a day, sometime soon I hope, when she is doing that!

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