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ZAZ and her song: Si je perds

I fell in love with this song while I was in France last year. I hadn’t ever heard of Zaz until my French instructor played this song in French class, and he asked us if we understood what the song was about. We listened to it twice and all I could get, I admit, was that it was very sad and was about a woman who was losing something. I guessed it had to do with her children but mostly herself. One woman in our class knew immediately because she has first-hand experience with Alzheimer’s in her family. Still, pretty incredible that she picked it up…the song never directly mentions Alzheimer’s, just the symptoms.

The tune sticks. I find myself singing it quite frequently, even though I still haven’t memorized the lyrics.

As for Zaz, herself, they say she is the new version of Edith Piaf. I think her voice is strong and sultry. If you check out her site here, you can listen to some of her other music by going to the video page. Or you can check out her latest release “Paris Sera Toujours Paris”, which I think demonstrates nicely, this idea that she is becoming representative of the great Parisian singer on the international stage. It’s great for some French scat too, which, let’s admit we don’t hear too often.

Good luck, Zaz, and I’ll be looking for more of your music!

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  1. May 4, 2016 at 17:55

    LOVE ZAZ! Lyrics and music are great. Although I’m French I live in the USA and discovered her late. Enjoy!

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