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Day 1 diet

It’s the year of the diet for me. A few years ago I lost about 20lbs, most of which I’ve kept off. But at the time, I knew I had about another 20 to go. And so, this year, because it’s a milestone birthday year, I decided I have to do it. 

I admit that I’ve been struggling. Or should I say, resisting, what I know it takes for me to lose weight. It’s definitely about regular exercise, but it’s also about cutting back on calorie intake and improving the quality of my food. I started gearing up last week by trying to cut down on dairy. This week is about no extra sugar and green smoothies. I have to break my addiction to sugar. 

Perhaps next week I’ll attempt the caffeine reduction. 

Anyhow, it’s early and I’m in bed. That’s normal. I made it through day 1. I figure I have another 89 days to go to do this right. We’ll see. 

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