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Day 8 diet

May 30, 2016 Leave a comment

Och, it’s been a rough one. I’ve noticed that if I start the day with too many carbs, it’s a bellwether for the rest of the day-not that it will be a total carb day but calories in general will be a real nightmare. That’s what happened today. 

And, I even backslid on my commitment not to consume dairy by double-dipping not just with cheese but also sour cream and now my stomach is sounding off its displeasure. Lactose intolerance exists. 

Tomorrow is a new day and another chance to right this ship. Fingers crossed. 

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Day 2 diet

May 24, 2016 Leave a comment

What a way to start the day-business meeting that included bagels, danishes, fruit, etc. Normally, I would get at least half a bagel and some cream cheese, so today I skipped that and allowed myself a bit of coffee with creamer. Did I mention that I’m still allowing myself a bit of creamer in my tea/coffee? 

I had one small bite of a scone. It tasted like betrayal. Seriously. The very sweetness of it reminded me of my promise to try hard to stick to my diet. So I stopped after that bite. Yay. Small victory. 

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Day 1 diet

May 23, 2016 Leave a comment

It’s the year of the diet for me. A few years ago I lost about 20lbs, most of which I’ve kept off. But at the time, I knew I had about another 20 to go. And so, this year, because it’s a milestone birthday year, I decided I have to do it. 

I admit that I’ve been struggling. Or should I say, resisting, what I know it takes for me to lose weight. It’s definitely about regular exercise, but it’s also about cutting back on calorie intake and improving the quality of my food. I started gearing up last week by trying to cut down on dairy. This week is about no extra sugar and green smoothies. I have to break my addiction to sugar. 

Perhaps next week I’ll attempt the caffeine reduction. 

Anyhow, it’s early and I’m in bed. That’s normal. I made it through day 1. I figure I have another 89 days to go to do this right. We’ll see. 

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50 Must Read Australian Novels (The Popular Vote)

August 24, 2015 Leave a comment

I’ve read quite a few of these-or seen the movies. Obviously I have some reading to do…

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Ich lerne Deutsch: 5 Tips for Learning a New Language

March 10, 2015 Leave a comment

Should apply to learning any language.

Making Apple Pie From Scratch

For the past few weeks I’ve been learning how to speak German. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time — having previously lived and worked in Germany, I have always felt a strong connection to the country and its people. Now that I have moved to one of Germany’s neighboring countries and work on projects involving the DLR German Aerospace Centre — it feels like a natural next step for me to speak the language too 🙂

DSCF6058 (2)

I’m enrolled at the Goethe Institute, an international language school with centres located across the globe. The course that I’m taking is the A1.1 class – the very beginning of the beginners course! Having studied German in school, I have some background in the language, however I think that starting with the basics (der, die und das anyone?) is the best way for me to really understand my new language.

I already speak English, Hindi and Punjabi, and have been…

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“All The World’s A Stage…”

December 22, 2014 Leave a comment

Thanks for this insight on the “muddle”.


Plays book imagesAs a lawyer, academic, theater aficionado and creative writer I have been doing research lately into ideal formats for persuasive yet authentic story telling. I ran across various recommendations from writing communities and authors on books to read and websites to follow. I was particularly intrigued by the BBC’s Writers Room that offers video and written tips, formats, guidance and a newsletter on writing screen scripts and stage plays for a variety of shows and genres. The tutorial context is straightforward, advancing common sense rules, along with some good insight on micro (character) and macro (world) perspective, plot and character building.

As an aspiring writer, with a couple dozen stories (plays, fictional works, short stories, poetry collections etc.) started but nothing quite finished yet (for publication purposes) I have been feeling like I was missing something crucial in the middle portion of my works which prohibited completion. I had the inspiration and appreciation…

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I Like For You To Be Still – Pablo Neruda

October 1, 2014 Leave a comment





I like for you to be still
It is as though you are absent
And you hear me from far away
And my voice does not touch you
It seems as though your eyes had flown away
And it seems that a kiss had sealed your mouth
As all things are filled with my soul
You emerge from the things
Filled with my soul
You are like my soul
A butterfly of dream
And you are like the word: Melancholy

I like for you to be still
And you seem far away
It sounds as though you are lamenting
A butterfly cooing like a dove
And you hear me from far away
And my voice does not reach you
Let me come to be still in your silence
And let me talk to you with your silence
That is bright as a lamp
Simple, as a ring
You are…

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